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I'm going to be updating the art section soon, hopefully within a few weeks. I've been busy with a whole host of different things including learning 3D, and starting several projects with different people, so updating the site wasn't a pressing issue, and I'm only recently making some more stuff I can share publicly.


I don't have a lot of finished works I can show yet so the website remains largely untouched as I have other things that need more attention. There are ebbs and flows with webmastering for me, and this is one of those periods where it can't quite take all my attention and energy. I hope to share more soon, or at the very least, when I am able and ready to!


Happy new belated new year! I'm taking down the christmas lights here. Not much to update right now as far as the website goes. Doing a lot of non website things though, hope to share that stuff soon.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to those who celebrate any of the MANY holidays around this and next month! I do love Christmas, though, I got slammed with work earlier this month so the most I was able to do has been decorating the site, a tree, and some stickers here and there on some paper goods. I wish I had more time to savor the holiday cheer, but I'll be watching the Rankin Bass Rudolph special while opening presents, and I think that'll be good enough. Have a happy and safe new year yall!

(oh, and, please ignore the neocities view counter, it's so bafflingly inflated, I think I just made the bots happy with accidental SEO, all my other counters/analytics are so much more conservative, including the one here on this page haha)


Great news! all the art in my gallery aside from the sketches have alt text! This absolutely would not have happened without my partner who wrote them for me. I'm adding empty alt tags to stuff that doesn't matter too much and we'll work on doing more for other assorted graphics that do add to the feel of the site.


Christmas! Christmas decorations! I decorated in real life and then went over to gif cities to grab some Christmas light gifs to decorate my digital home as well. I also completely redid my music page, skeleton radio, added a blog page because I already decided against having an offsite one, and did some cleaning up in the code of almost every page and reorganization of my graphic assets. Oh and I've been adding media query for reduced motion, but I'm sure I missed stuff (if you notice anything please email me or comment on my neocities profile!)
Lotta work!


Changed the links up a bit, making room for more pages. I need to set aside time for implementing reduced motion behaviors but it's very intimidating how much I'm going to have to fiddle with it. (I get this way about every large change/project) I opened a dreamwidth account to blog about stuff, I'm not sure the tone of it yet.


Updated the commission page, took all day to make a form on jotform that I feel works for me. I'm very tired of staring at my computer screen, I'll come back to update some other things another day, I have people I want to add to my links but I can't stare at this monitor any longer. (I'm just going to stare at a different monitor while I draw)


I succumbed to madness, I rearranged a lot of the design on the main site pages (the side pages like music and fashion are the same, for better or worse, I like them enough). The previous design only lasted 2-ish months, oh well. I took the time to also clean the code a smidge, it was getting a little too spaghetti like for my preferences. There's a lot to do still in between... a lot of other things in other parts of my life. The major to-do list is

  • make a landing page for my interests/collections
  • create a new logo, and some icons, and other assets
  • commit to changing my splash page after 2+ years.

Oh, and maybe I could use a personal diary. I flip flop on using dreamwidth or just hacking some more messy code together.


Added an album and some cassettes to the music page. Working on a website for someone. Had dental work done. Got a Bluesky account (I have codes, if someone reading this needs one, email me). Changed the domain to something that fits better. In a bit of an odd spot with a lot of things, but doing my best. I think I'll be applying to webrings now.


This is the second month in a row I'm posting an update where the month and day are the same. Neat! Updates tho! Two new pieces added to the gallery! Adjusted the layout a little bit, decided against making an elaborate about page and just changed it to a pretty simple page. It'll need some additions but it's fine for tonight. I also added a link to my 18+ art site that is a huge WIP atm, but it is up! Hope to have more updates soon!


New button for the site, bought a cheap domain name, and added the link back button here! Really feel like I made genuine progress these last few days. Oh, and I did it, I added some of my clothes to my fashion page! More needs to be added over time but it's a start!


I added some cds and vinyl I own to the music page. I need to add more to the favorite artists section though, and there are several pages that need any content at all, but it's a start, and I'll be happy enough with that for now.


Home page is completely reworked, SHOULD be responsive on mobile. There's a box! Theres a chatbox! There's flexible boxes!

I also started making layouts for my fashion/j fashion and music pages but I've been too busy with remaking the home page that I haven't filled them with any content whatsoever. The j fashion page has shit all for navigation either. Ah well, that can come later. I have an endless list of things I need and want to do here on this website...


More updates to code, and pages, and updated gallery are here. Hopefully more updates to follow soon, but there's new art in the galleries and it should generally work better, with links to the work I've done that's been in published media, yipee.


Life has been swinging between as busy as possible to absolutely nothing happening, while still dealing with a lack motivation for a lot of things. All the same, I forsee things getting easier, and better soon enough. I'm in the middle of adding more pages, starting a proper blog, and coding a new homepage layout as I did lose the one I had just recently done. As Twitter slowly becomes even more of an unsuable hellscape, it only motivates me further to continue to work on and improve this little slice of the web. Definitely considering getting a real proper domain as well, but I already have one for my business so I need to find an inexpensive non dot com to get for this page.


A lot of layout changes and refinement, really tighting the website up and making it functional. Is it done? No, but I don't think it ever will be. Am I happy with it? Sure!


Well, it's been a minute since I actually bothered to write an update here. Plenty of art, character design, and wig pictures updates are live in the galleries! I also hit 10,000 views here on my little web zone, thank you all so much! I also got published in a video game, that you can purchase with your real money dollars, and find my art in: No Straight Roads. Many of my closest friends all made it in too, so go check it out and support a great little indie game!


Updates are live for art, character design and wigs. The zine I worked on, two pieces, is out now go grab a copy @ this webzone. It's been seen by the developers and voice actors of the game it's from. Pretty gamer huh?


Wow there's a lot to talk about for this update, huh? The site should be usable on mobile now, with a new aesthetic, and less fussy navigation. The photography page is up, and I've added new pieces to the art page and a link to my new artstation page, and there's a new layout for the wig page. Commission page is more functional now, with parts of the form for illustration commissions being updated for clairity. Outside of technical updates, the site hit 5k views! I've also gotten accepted into a zine and animation project, when those release I'll drop the links here, can't share much for now though.


"other" page is up and I now have one of my cosplay wig tutorials up on here for your use! Will keep adding stuff as I have time/motivation/remember!


All pages except the 'other' page are fully functional! Took a lot of work to get the codec styled directory for my portfolio done but it's all finished and coded. CSS is even cooler than it was back when I was making homepages on neopets. Consider looking through my illustration, cosplay, and wig portfolios!


I have a link back button now, and so far 2 galleries semi functional but need to get the main page for them together. One step at a time though!


This website is wicked still under construction! I need to get a responsive gallery code and sort out like 4 different pages of galleries, and do a whole host of other things but the splash and most of the css and complicated code is all done. Whoevers reading this, yo!